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Nurses becoming e-nurses by using Patientrack to enhance frontline care

2 years ago Coverage
Patientrack’s electronic observations technology is helping improve nursing clinical workflow in hospitals across the country, where nursing staff agree that the ease of use of the software, together with the support that Patientrack offers, is empowering nurses of all ages to use technology to help improve the patient experience, and ensures that essential information is available and shared in…

eNurses using Electronic Observation Technology to Enhance Frontline Care

2 years ago Coverage
The ambitions of NHS Digital’s e-nursing week and the Royal College of Nursing’s (RCN) ‘Every nurse an e-nurse’ campaign are being realised by nurses across the UK, who are seeing the benefits of using digital health on the frontline by using Patientrack, a technology used by nursing staff to capture patient vital signs and alert doctors when urgent attention is needed, as well as signif…