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Manchester student nurses receive world first in care-critical frontline digital skills

3 years ago News
New practical digital skills focus at The University of Manchester sees crucial Patientrack e-observations taught from very first weeks of nursing training, for the first time Student nurses in Manchester have become the first anywhere in the world to be trained in how to use a vital signs observations technology called Patientrack, before they set foot onto the ward...

£4bn NHS tech move will unleash confidence in UK companies

3 years ago Blog
The UK’s small and medium sized technology companies can invest more in helping the NHS, meaning less reliance on global software giants, writes Donald Kennedy, Patientrack managing director New confidence can be taken by healthcare technology and solutions companies across the UK, following the government’s latest announcements on NHS IT investment...

Harrogate Trust Leaps Ahead in Patient Safety with Tech Fund Money

5 years ago Coverage
A new digital approach to capturing vital signs and recording critical bedside observations will allow hospital staff to respond much more quickly to patients who need urgent attention, following the introduction of Patientrack at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust.

Life-threatening kidney injuries to be prevented by pioneering NHS trust

5 years ago Coverage
Acute kidney injuries that contribute to tens of thousands of deaths in England every year could soon be avoided due to the launch of a ground-breaking project at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.